Taylor LeCroy   Designer


Enso is one of my favorite experiences as a designer. I thought I had it all figured out. I spent months working their case studies, mission statement and identity into a tidy, responsive package. It was clean. Contemporary. Entirely adquate and even signed-off on; but I absolutely hated it.

So I started over.

Throwing out every single asset and starting from scratch enabled me to approach the project with fresh vision, informed by the mistakes and content realities gleaned in the previous round. I wanted something fun and serendipitous, while at the same time lightweight and readable on any device, at any viewport width.

enso homepage

An easter egg on the homepage allowed users to change the color palette to a darker CSS theme by clicking the lightbulb icon in the upper left.

enso homepage dark

Making the Team page was a lot of fun, and a project in itself. Over the course of a week we had each employee wake up early and come out to the beach. Predictably, some of the best facial expressions came when the icy water ran over our feet.

enso team page

enso careers page

Case studies were displayed large and clean on a white background. Minimal navigation made it easy to get from one case study to the next, or to simply go back home by clicking the logo.

enso Gates Foundation case study
enso blog

The launch of helloenso.com was a big success, featured on awwwards, httpster, css awards and other web design curations as well as design blogs like designspiration.net. In sum, the buzz around the site led to a 164% increase in traffic compared to the month previous. You can visit the site by clicking here