Taylor LeCroy   Designer

truth team

During the President's '08 campaign, they created and maintained a website called Fight the Smears, which had the sole purpose of collecting and clearing the air about various attacks and attempts to discredit his record and personal history.

In 2012, we found there was still a need for something similar, but wanted to take it a step further. The result was Truth Team, a group of three websites linked with a common, centralized dropdown menu. They were "AttackWatch", which addressed things like the birth certificate, "KeepingHisWord", which highlighted instances where Obama said he'd do something and folowed through; and "KeepingGOPHonest", which rebutted the more current attacks coming from the right.

There was a very conscious decision to keep these neutral, newsy and without any clear visual biases.

Keeping His Word
dropdown menu
Keeping GOP Honest