About me

👋 Taylor LeCroy here, but you can call me Taylor. You may know me from the Design world, but there’s more to me than just clever, elegant, intuitive, ground-breaking...you get the point. Let’s dive in.

Off-Duty Adventures

  • Hells Angels Wannabe: I ride motorcycles like I design products - with a dash of instinct, just enough emphasis on speed, and a whole lot of careful steering.
  • Amateur Astronomer: I’ve always been a stargazer. It’s like market research but for giant orbs of dust and gas.
  • Struggling musician: I'm getting a little better with practice, but am pretty sure if my walls could talk, they’d tell me not to quit my day job.

Leisure Time

  • Bookworm: I prefer long-form reading to social media. Although in books, just as in product design, sometimes it's best to bail part way through and start something something from scratch.
  • Trailblazer: I live right next to a beautiful mountain trail and tend to do some of my best design work there, far from any notepad or computer screen.
  • Go Gators: I was brought up to believe college football is almost as important as using data to inform design decisions. Calling it now: by the next time I update this website, my Gators will be decent again.

Secret Talents

  • Scrabble Junkie: Word games have always come easily to me. I once started an Instagram account just to share strategy and tips.
  • Master Chef: Making a recipe come together isn't so dissimilar from product design - you need to include the right ingredients, blend them to create perfect chemistry, and do plenty of taste-testing.
  • Handyman: Maintenance on a house never ends. Thankfully I've got plenty of experience keeping an organized backlog and ruthlessly prioritizing the most impactful improvements.

Working with me

My approach to work is grounded in authenticity. It's about being genuinely myself in every interaction, combining professionalism with personal character. This balance leads to better and more effective collaborations, as people sense and appreciate authenticity. I believe that our work is an extension of who we are, reflecting our beliefs and the impact we want to make. Daily growth in all life areas contributes to our overall success, both personally and professionally.

My work ethic revolves around sustainable intensity, prioritizing health in all aspects – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. This holistic well-being is essential for peak performance. I incorporate practices like meditation, reading, exercise, and quality time with loved ones to maintain this balance. In meetings, I value humor and fun, seeing them as catalysts for productivity and enjoyment. My feedback style is direct and detailed, aiming to build trust and empowerment. In leadership, I emphasize health, authenticity, extreme ownership, autonomy, and continuous growth, fostering a culture of accountability and relentless pursuit of personal and professional development.